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Robin G Howard
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3D glasses Short story science  fiction New science fiction  adventure  set in a future world An epic Incorporating  science fiction and the  supernatural Great science  fiction for all Top British science fiction  book series Jim Long sends a message to you. JIM LONG on KINDLE ANCIENT ONES of  LIGHT The WHITE HOLE Jim Long radio scripts available
A writers look at futuristic visions or predictions that appear with thought and  Chanelling - can they manifest into reality? About the author..... SOULGATE - Temple of Souls Divine Fanaticism Battle of the Archangels KENT: Ghostly spitfire  seen in the sky. You can have a car that Runs on AIR…..Peter Dearman has such a car EBook DIRECTORY UFO SEEN IN ABERDEEN SCOTLAND UK Life after death says top  brain surgeon Books by the author including 6 in the Jim Long series. Battle of the Archangels Immediate ebook  download Divine Fanaticism -  Paperback & immediate  ebook download Soulgate-temple of souls -  Paperback & immediate ebook  download Ancient Ones of Light - 1 Immediate ebook download How to think like a modern Mystic - immediate ebook download Pro-Gags - immediate Ebook download Toon Psychic reading cards - Immediate ebook download Psychic Thinker - immediate ebook download Contact Speculative FICTION PRESS of

…………Remember I’m in  the UK Or ASK ME A QUESTION ON THE EMAIL If you are not in the UK and  have Skype let me know. Warning-this is not a sales line-do not try to sell  any goods Or you may be immediately rejected.
Use Talk to me live Form above and Request Jim Long  Complimentary INFO BOOKLET Galaxy Collision TALK TO ME LIVE ! NEW !!! UPDATE 16-APR-2015 FREE HANDBOOK for JIM LONG SPACE AGENT Jim LONG SPACE AGENT science fiction and fantasy The White Hole - 2 Paperback & Immediate eBook Download Out in Space-Out of Body- Ebook- to be published  In late 2015
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